Our story

Interested? Sit comfortably and let us tell you our story which we are very proud of.

February 2022

The beginning

In February 2022, a group of peace-loving entrepreneurs, with Tobias Reichmuth (Swiss entrepreneur and investor known from the Swiss Shark Tank "Höhle der Löwen") together with Georgia von Gleichen (experienced project manager), Matthias Zwingli (start-up specialist), and Anastasiia (Designer) decided to start a social impact company (DrinkForPeace AG) that would bring help to Ukrainians in need and support humanitarian organisations worldwide.

If you want to meet our whole team, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

We react quickly

Help is needed now, so we react fast. Speed is essential, but so is persistence.

We have to have both, there is no in between.

March 2022

<transcy>First project launched - Vodka Zelensky</transcy>

Only 8 days after the idea was born, the first project - Vodka Zelensky - was launched.

The purpose is to help Ukrainians during the difficult times of war by selling high-quality vodka and donating 5 CHF or more from every bottle sold and 100% of the profits to selected humanitarian NGOs and other trusted organizations bringing help where it is needed and later to support the rebuilding of Ukraine. You can read more about the ways we help by clicking here.

The name was chosen to create awareness and to honor the President of Ukraine who has made a big impact by standing strong and not giving up.

We bring help

We give up on all of our profits to make the world a better, peaceful place.

This is our part. What's yours?

March 2022

First vodka distilled

After a series of taste tests with experienced spirits sommeliers, the team decided on the flavor profile and production began.

The historic first batch of our 0.5l made from fresh, Swiss mountain spring water distilled in copper pot offered a rich pallete that was a clear indication for us that we've made a great vodka. We've always wanted to pursue the highest quality possible, without compromises.

Click here to buy your own bottle and support Ukraine today.

We offer quality spirits

We want to make as many people smile as we possibly can - it's in our DNA.

Offering spirits of great quality helps us achieve that goal.

March 2022

<transcy>Ready, steady, go!</transcy>

We started our sales in Switzerland at the beginning of March. 1000 bottles were sold just in the first 48 hours. 12.000 CHF could already be donated directly to Ukrainians in need. You can contribute now as well, just click here and buy your bottle in our shop.

The launch was a huge moment for us and proved that we can provide real and tangible help for Ukraine. We knew we were on to something big.

A week after the launch in Switzerland, we started offering our products in Germany, and a month later in the UK. We only became more hopeful for the future.

We do the right thing

We work hard to bring as much help as we can. This is in our core, this is what our job is about, and that is how we understand our role.

March 2022

<transcy>Donations started</transcy>

After a successful start and raising thousands of Swiss Francs worth of donations, we sent our first - 12'000 to the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. More donations followed.

You can follow our donations on our social media, as well as on the donation totals tracker on our homepage and Help Ukraine page.

We give to help, generously

We help as generously as we can. We donate 100% of our profits - it's both the most and the least we can do.

March 2022

New bottle released

In collaboration with a premium German distillery of H. Heydt, we created and released another bottle under Vodka Zelensky project.

This bottle is our gem from Germany. The classic, grain-based aroma brings to mind the vast Ukrainian fields that permeate the bread basket of Europe - Ukraine. High quality ingredients, triple-distiled for increased smoothness on the tongue.

Get your own bottle and help Ukraine by clicking here. #cheers4peace!

<transcy>We are unconventional</transcy>

We don't encourage to consume alcohol, but should you decide to drink anyway, our products are there for your cheers to have a positive impact. #cheers4peace!

April 2022

The media talk about us

Following our entries to German and British markets, the media started talking about us. We went viral - articles started generating thousands of views and reactions.

We appeard in the media all around the world. From Switzerland, through Ukraine, even to Thailand. Evening Standard, Blick, and The Odessa Journal wrote about us, among others.

If you want to see where we've appeared and read articles about us, visit our media page.

Viral brand is our key

The world is now based on virality, social media, algorithms, things like that.

We aim to use them for a good cause. Virality helps us help.

April 2022

Vodka Zelensky becomes VODKA 4 PEACE

After receiving many comments about our choice of name, we decided to change the product name to Horilka by VODKA 4 PEACE for our second batch released in Switzerland. That's how the brand VODKA 4 PEACE was born.

VODKA 4 PEACE is a brand with an aim to foster peace, freedom, and help people in despair. Everyone, everywhere, now and forever.

Rules are the same: we donate 100% of our profits. Now - to Ukraine, in the future - to other noble causes.

You can support us and Ukraine by buying our products - click here to visit our shop.